Too Matchy-Matchy?!?...Never!

It's time for style confession #3!

I know it's already Tuesday, but I'm kind of still in weekend mode...Have I mentioned that I love snow? In case you didn't know, I LOVE SNOW! It snowed here this weekend and it was absolutely delightful. I spent the weekend wishing for more snow, catching up on much needed sleep, organizing my house, and again wishing for more snow. My wish came true, as we are getting lots and lots of snow right now. The most enjoyable part of my weekend was spending time with my sisters, niece, and nephews! I hope you enjoyed your weekend as much as I did! :-)

So, on to my third style confession. I can't believe I'm only on number 3! I need to start cranking these out a little faster...I have so many! Anyway, my third style confession is that I'm obsessed passionate about making sure the colors in my outfit match perfectly. Some describe this as "well-coordinated," while others have said it's "matchy-matchy". When I hear the latter of the two my response goes something like this, "It's because I'm part of the Garanimal generation!"

Garanimals?!? If you've never heard of Garanimals then you probably don't wear matching sweater sets and color coordinated outfits. If you have, then I bet you can relate to this style confession, and you probably know where I'm going with this post. Just so we're all on the same page, let me tell you a little bit about Garanimals. It's a clothing company for kids. Not just any clothing company, but one that offers mix-and-match separates that are color coordinated to the T! Similar to Osh Kosh and Gymboree. You guessed it...I was a Garanimals wearing kid! Not only did my mom dress me in monochromatic outfits (that I loved wearing), but sometimes my outfits coordinated with my sisters' and occasionally with my cousin's. We also did 'themed' pictures as a family. "Matching" in photos was truly a family affair! Now you know that my "matchy-matchy" days started when I was young and have influenced my fashion every since!

Here are some of my latest "well-coordinated" outfits.

Yes, I'm wearing a sweater set. And I love it! I searched high and low for the perfect gold color in this sweater so that it would match my scarf. Let's just say that once again, this scarf was my matchiN'spiration piece for this outfit! I just love it! Flats in the same olive color or better yet, in the gold color would be perfect!
~Similar sweater here
~Exact scarf here
~Similar pants here
~Exact flats here
~Exact watch here

 Surprise, surprise I'm wearing another scarf! Which actually kind of looks like a tie in this picture, but it's really a scarf. Once again, this scarf pulls the entire outfit together because it has orange like my sweater and the same navy as my pants. I'm wearing my favorite watch, too. In navy of course. I had to wear a white button-down underneath this sweater for warmth because my classroom is freezing pretty much year round. I have to be honest, an orange tank or a navy button down really appeals to my obsession passion for color coordinating, but the white will do for now.
~Similar pants here
~Similar watch here
(mine is the exact same one as shown in the link, except the blue on the face of mine isn't as bright.)
~Similar flats here
(limited sizes available)

I love this outfit because of my plum colored pants. Such a great color for fall and winter. I questioned myself about the color after buying them because I thought I wasn't going to be able to find anything to "match" them with, but I was too in love with the color to give them back! The matchiN'ista in me is completely satisfied with this outfit because it matches from Head. to. Toe.
~Exact pants here
~Sadly, I couldn't find the exact flats and I don't want to suggest any others without seeing them in person...just in case they aren't the same color as the pants. :-)
Anyone else part of the Garanimals generation? Maybe you just love color coordinating as much as I do??? Please share!
Happy matching!

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