Fourth of July Oufit Inspiration

Hello, Friends! Long time no see! Just trying to balance mommy life and work. I still haven't figured out how to fit in my blog, but oh well. I'll figure it out...or maybe I won't and I'll just keep popping up every now and then with random posts like today!! 

For some exciting news....I'm on summer break now!! Yippee! It's all about the sunshine, daily walks and trying to fit in as much fun as possible over the next 8 weeks.

Ok, so back to the good stuff! Fourth of July is right around the you have your outfit picked out? You don't?!? (gasp) Well, guess what?!? The only reason I have mine picked out is because I happened to stumble across a top that I was trying to match a pair of red shorts to and voila! This outfit was born...
The shorts aren't a true red, but more like a redish orange. Lucky for me the top has the same redish orange color in it, too. It's a perfect match!

shorts (vibrant flame)//top (deep navy papaya - on sale!)//watch//cute sandal option (mine are long gone!)

I hope you have a wonderful Fourth of July!! 

Happy matching!

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