Mommin' Isn't Easy but It's Better in Leggings! {style confession #10}

Leggings. are. AMAZING!  
Enough said.
Style confession #10: Mommin' Isn't Easy but It's Better in Leggings! 
As a new mom I'm all about style convenience, and leggings make the absolute comfiest, easy-to-throw-together outfits out there! As comfy as pajama bottoms, but socially acceptable to wear in public (as long as everything is covered up!)-who wouldn't want to live in leggings?!? 

Here's one of my favorite outfits to wear for running errands. There's nothing special about this outfit other than it's soooo comfy! The pictures aren't that great (I'm still working on how to take better pics for the blog). So, like I said it's not the cutest of outfits, but it's cozy and baby friendly because well, spit up happens!
Leggings are so versatile, too! I wear them to run errands, love them for lounging around the house in, and they are perfect for working out in. 
(Side note: Mommy and me yoga is so much fun!)

I love pairing leggings with a cute tunic sweater for work, too. With so many cute tunic options in stores now, who can resist this comfy, cute style!?!

That's all for now! 

Happy matching! 



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