Run to The Gap Now!

I'm back! Wow, twice in one month! Mama's on a roll! :-) 

I couldn't resist sharing a few outfits that I purchased the other day from The Gap because 
#1 they are so matchy-matchy (insert all kinds of excited squeals)...from head. to. toe.;  
#3 one item + multiple colors = one happy MatchiN'ista because if one is good, two is better and three is fabulous; AND
#4 the prices are drop dead fantastic!


Don't hold back, see for yourself why I felt like doing cartwheels in the dressing room because I was giddy over the cuteness of these outfits. Just for the record, I did not actually do cartwheels because I need to set a good example for my little guy (#mommin'isseriousbusiness), but I definitely thought about it!

Ok, let's get down to business!

This dress is soooo comfy. I absolute love it! It has a straight fit, hits a little above the knee and comes in so many different colors. {Fit tip: The striped version of this dress fit a little looser than the solid colors, so I would suggest sizing down one in the striped version.} Because I'm such an excellent photographer (NOT), you can tell that the sleeves have a little roll in them and the scoop neck has the right amount of dip so you don't need to wear a cami underneath. The price?!? Only $20! When I looked at this same dress online it was more expensive, so get off your couch, lace up your shoes and go to the store for even better deals! 

Isn't this scarf PERFECT with the dress?!? Don't forget, there are sandals to match! 

dress/scarf {this scarf is only $5.99 in store!}//sandals are a few years old

You know me, if one is good, two is here's the same dress in blue. The scarf is the same shade of blue, but has the perfect pop of green on the tassels. I almost passed on this dress since I already own something similiar, but I knew I had a pair of sandals at home in the same shade of green, so I just had to buy this dress and scarf combo, too!

Aren't the green tassels so cute?!? 

And last but certainly not true MatchiN'ista fashion, if one is good, two is better and three is fabulous...dress number 3 is equally as adorable as the other two! Add a scarf and matching sandals and you've got yourself a third outfit. Easy peasy! 

{side note: please excuse the tag hanging from my armpit in this pic. I was so excited to show you these fabulous finds that I just pulled them out of the bag, stripped down, put on these cuties and took pics!}

Chances are if you see me around town this summer I'll be sporting one of these three adorable outfits! 

Happy Matching! 


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