Timely fashionable {style confession #9}

Whew, last week flew by and this week is almost over! We've been getting lots of snow in this neck of the woods and I'm loving it! I'm staying warm and cozy with my new hats and scarves and mittens to match! Hopefully my last post inspired you to do the same!!

I've also been cherishing warm coffee in my new mug! You know I love patterns, especially houndstooth! Sadly the houndstooth pattern is no longer available :-(, but I love this one too.
Ok, on to today's style confession!! If you've been following along, you know that it's time for style confession #9! If you're new to this blog; I've been sharing my quirky, matchy-matchy well coordinated, scarf loving, top 15 style confessions. 
Here's a quick recap! 
It's no secret that I love accessorizing with scarves, but I'm not one for accessorizing with jewelry. However, there is ONE piece of jewelry that I adore accessorizing an outfit with and I'll give you a hint: It's 'timely' fashionable and could be considered a wrist's best friend.  
Style confession #9: I LOVE a cute, match-to-my-outfit, watch! 
In fact, I love watches so much that I had to spread the love to my husband, who now has a slight obsession outfit coordinating love of watches too!
Here's a few of my favorites...
When it comes to watches, a girl has gotta have options! With so many options to choose from, it's impossible to just choose one! There are statement, matchy-matchy color coordinating, fun, one-of-a-kind picks and then there are classic, timeless, everyday pieces. Let's not even get into skinny strap, metal strap, boyfriend face, leather or metal options. SO much to think about, I know! Just remember, if one is good, two is better and three (or more) is fabulous! Use this handy dandy acronym to help you decide which watches should be your wrist's new best friend!  
First up, is the 'wear anywhere' watch that can be worn with any outfit in your closet. I love a good match-to-my-outfit watch, but every girl should have a go-to watch that can be worn with anything. My tortoise colored watch is my absolute favorite 'wear anywhere' watch. I am obsessed with it love it because it can easily be worn with an outfit that has black in it, especially paired with cognac colored boots and a matching handbag, and can also be worn with brown tones. It's just a beauty!
J. Crew Factory striped shirt//J. Crew Factory green vest (no longer available)//Michael Kors tortoise watch (no longer available)-similar style here, and I love this one!
Second in line for the 'wear anywhere' watch is this gold one. Once again, this goes with just about every outfit in my closet. I love the large face and the chunky wristband.
similar style Fossil watch here
I wore my gold watch with this outfit the other day, but could have easily swapped it out with my tortoise watch.
J. Crew Factory herringbone vest - no longer available//J. Crew Factory turtleneck sweater (runs TTS)//
J. Crew black toothpick jean (super comfy)//Similar boots here
 Next up is the 'attention getter.' This can be a funky, fun, watch that is not meant to be worn with every outfit. It should be a statement piece, or as I like to say: "a MatchiN'spiration piece". It doesn't have to be flashy or bedazzled bling; just something someone would take notice of. The floral watch pictured above does it for me. I wore this quite a bit last spring. The colors are soft, but bright enough to make a statement. Sadly, I didn't take any pics of the outfits I wore it with, but imagine flowy, lightweight tops (to accommodate my growing baby bump) in lighter colors paired with comfy, casual jeans like these.   
My hubby added this lovely red one to my collection (aka: the tiny ticker) and I love it! It has gold AND silver on the face, which makes it very versatile. It's made by a company called Tokyo Bay,  Let me tell you, when I saw their watch collection it was love at first sight! They carry classic, timeless, everyday pieces AND statement, matchy-matchy color coordinating, fun, one-of-a-kind pics, too!  
Banana Republic legging//J. Crew Factory scarf (on sale for $14.99!)//Old Navy boyfriend flannel (super comfy!)//Tokyo Bay Frances watch
Here's one of the many outfits I wore it with. I could almost call this one my 'wear anywhere' watch because it's so versatile (or maybe I just own a lot of red that I can match it to). Either way, a gal should own a smaller, delicate watch like this one! 
J. Crew toothpick jean (classic rinse)//J.Crew Tissue Tee (fave!)//J. Crew Factory scarf (no longer available)//Tokyo Bay watch (no longer available)
And, it's always great to have a 'classic' watch up your sleeve, like this navy and silver one. I found this watch at one of my favorite local boutiques and it's another one from the Tokyo Bay collection. I just love the casual style of this watch, the leather band, and the larger, boyfriend style face. It's great to wear in the summer for a nautical look and it also works to wear with winter looks. Let's face it, navy is an all time classic color. I think a watch with a black leather band would be a great 'classic' pick, too. (hmmm....I just might have to be on the look-out for one!)
Last but certainly not least, is a watch that brings a smile to your face: a 'happiness' watch. One that makes you happy to look at, expresses your style, and is unique to you. Maybe it makes a great MatchiN'spiration piece! This is the watch that I still NEED to add to my collection! I'm so excited because I have found a few watches (ok, maybe more than a few) that make me jump up and down with joy and are what I could definitely see myself adding to my collection!
(top left)'metro-somewhere' watch//'crosstown' watch//'metro-eat cake' watch//'metro- sunshine' watch//'time on wire' watch//'slim runway' watch
In case you didn't already notice, most of my 'happiness' watch picks are from Kate Spade. I can't believe I don't own a Kate Spade watch yet! They are absolutely, squeal-like-a-child, jump-up-and-down with joy, adorable! To say that these watches would make the perfect 'happiness' watch is an understatement. I have the biggest smile on my face just looking at them as I type this post! Don't you agree?!?
Happy matching!

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