Plaid, Polka Dots, and Prints Galore!

I have to admit, I'm on trend with this style confession (#4 by the way, in case you're counting...I have 11 more to go!)! To catch up any new readers, I've been sharing my style confessions every week as a way for everyone to get to know a little about me and my blog!
Here's a quick recap!
Here it is, STYLE CONFESSION #4...
In my opinion, patterns are fabulous! I've always loved polka dots, but I'm mad for plaid and pining for prints, too! Stripes, gingham, and houndstooth also rank high on my list of favorites!

Of course, I have to post outfit pics that reveal my style confessions. By the way, if anyone knows how to take better selfies, please let me know! My hand always blocks my jewelry! Oh much to learn being a new blogger! :-)

Here you have it...Plaid, Polka Dots, and Prints Galore...

First up, let's talk plaid. Anything in plaid; scarves, jackets, pants, shirts, etc., is such a timeless and classic look. Let's just say I'm truly mad for plaid! Much of my fall and winter scarf collection (remember confession #1?!? If not, check it out here)  and button down shirts are plaid.

This has been one of my go-to vests this fall, in plaid of course. The fancy name for this plaid is 'Buffalo Plaid'. If you look closely you'll see a little plaid peeking out from under my sweater, too! If I knew how to take better selfies, you would see my plaid button down peeking out over the collar of my in progress! :-)
~Exact vest here 
(only available in medium)
~Similar button-down here
~Exact sweater here
~Exact jeans here
~Similar boots here

More plaid...
I'm obsessed with passionate about these plaid pants that I bought from Target! 
Aren't they cute!?!  
 I styled these three different ways! I have to confess, I didn't actually leave the house with the matching blazer and pants together. I adored the look, but wasn't sure if others could handle the matchiness! :-) I settled on wearing the blazer with jeans and dark khakis, instead.  
~Similar pants here

In case you're wondering, here's the necklace I wore with all three of the outfits above.
~Fabulous necklace option here 

I'm SO excited to share these pants from J. Crew Factory with you because they are adorable! They are similar to the ones I'm wearing above (hey, if one is good two is better, right?!?), but the colors are slightly different. Actually, I just ordered these pants because they replenished the sizes! I can't wait to try them!
I'm not sure how I'm going to style them yet, but here are two of the options that I'm pondering...

My first option

This is a fun holiday look! The matchiN'ista in me says that it might not be "matchy" enough because of the contrast between the ivory sweater and the dark colors in the pants. On the other hand, the gold writing and the gold toe makes me smile! Oh my gosh, the heels!! Aren't they fabulous?!? I wore them to a wedding a few weekends ago and got so many compliments! They have definitely been a matchiN'spiration piece for a few of my outfits, lately! BTW...they are SUPER comfy and easy to walk in! By "easy to walk in," I mean I only had to practice walking in them a few times to avoid looking completely awkward at the wedding.
 My second option...

Totally a matchiN'ista outfit! The sweater has both the navy and green, and the black heels add a little pizazz to the whole outfit!
~Exact pants here
~Exact 'cheers' sweater (option 1) here
~Exact green sweater (option 2) here
~Exact heels here

I guess I'll just have to wait and see how both outfits look and then make my decision. Either way, I think we should all own these pants!

Moving on to my love of Polka dots!!! Polka dots are perfect for any season: fall, winter summer, spring. Big, small, multi-colored...they're so fun! Here's how I wore polka dots to work...
 ~Similar sweater here
~Exact pants here
~Exact button-down here
~Exact flats here
...and to stay warm... 
~Exact jeans here
~Exact button-down here
~Similar sweater here, here and here
~Love this necklace option here
~Exact watch here
~Similar tunic here
(I own this tunic option, too and it's wonderful! The leather pockets are too cute to handle!)
~Similar scarf here (no grey :-(, but SUPER cute!!!)
~Similar pant option here (in black to match the scarf) 
~Similar boots here, here, and here 
(I LOVE all 3 options! I see a new pair of black boots in my future)
(FYI~ Personally, I like boots WITHOUT a lot of hardware so I don't have to worry about matching my jewelry to the hardware on my boots! Yes I know, a bit obsessed passionate, but it's me! :-)
...for spring & summer...
...just for fun...
Now, are you convinced that Polka dots are fabulous!?!
Last, but certainly not least...let's talk other prints. I could NOT resist these pants!  
~Exact pant here
~Exact tank here
~Similar cardigan here
~Exact necklace here
~Similar shoes here
That's all for now! I hope you enjoy patterns as much as I do!!! 
Happy matching!
P.S. Did you notice my fancy pics?!? I had so much fun using Picmonkey to edit my pictures and create different collages!!!  

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