Scarves, Coats...What's a MatchiN'ista Missing?!?...

...BOOTS, of course!

Welcome back for style confession #5: I can't get enough of fancy rain boots! Aka: wellies!

New to my blog? Here's a recap of my style confessions so far.

1. Scarves, scarves and more scarves! I love accessorizing with scarves.
They are the matchiN'spiration piece for many of my outfits. Click here if you want to see the post.

2. My coat closet if full! Outerwear is like the cherry on a's the finishing touch to any outfit. Check out the post here .

3. Too matchy matchy...never! I'm obsessed with passionate about making sure the colors in my outfits match perfectly. Curious?!? Check out the post here.

4. Plaid, polka dots, and prints galore! I've always loved polka dots, but I'm mad for plaid and pining for prints, too. Read more here.

Once again, welcome back for style confession #5: I can't get enough of fancy rain boots! Aka: wellies. I'm not particular when it comes to specific brands of wellies, but I can't deny that Hunter seems to take the cake with this trend. If you're a Pinterest fanatic like I am, then you've seen the Hunter boot in just about EVERY pin related to fashion! It seems that RED is the most popular color right now.
I've more than embraced the Hunter boot trend! I've owned my fair share of Hunter wellies over the past 5 years. My first pair were black and then I got brave with bright green and then went back to traditional with black and navy. My husband always joked that he needed to wear sunglasses when I wore my bright green ones. :-)
My number one reason for loving the Hunter wellie so much is that they have boot socks for extra warmth. Plain, patterned, multi-colored, wool, fleece, cable knit, etc....they are just too stinkin' cute to pass up! Warm, dry feet + cuteness = HAPPY FEET!

Don't you just want to snuggle your feet in these boot socks?!? So cozy!
Check out other color options here, here, and here

Falling in love with this cuteness!?! It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!
1. Pick a color...Or 2 or 3. AND a shaft height (short or tall)
2. Pick a cozy boot sock...Or 2 or 3.
3. Strut your stuff, while you ooh and aah over these adorable boots!

*Hunter boot socks are made specifically for their boots. I have found that they fit in other brands, too! :-)

I absolutely adore my Hunter boots, but I am crazy in love with any wellie, the brand is of no concern to me. My all time favorite purchase from TJ Max last year were my all weather wellies. One pair in plaid and the other with snowflakes. These just happen to be made by UGG and are fleece lined, so I don't have to worry about adding a boot sock. I do however, love to wear my over the knee boot socks with them for extra coziness. I have gotten so much use out of them!

Plaid wellies
Here are the top 5 reasons why I love wellies (any brand):
1. They are durable and comfy. Your feet stay dry and the scuffs come off easily.
2. They come in a variety of colors.
3. They can be worn in the spring, fall, and when you add a boot sock, in the winter, too!
4. They can be worn with a cute, casual dress; leggings and a tunic, or jeans.
5. They're FUN!

I think a gal needs a variety of all weather boots. You know, enough to match every outfit! Check out some of these fancy boot options. I have included everything from rain boots (wellies) to adorable boots just for the winter! Don't forget to add boot socks for an extra layer of cuteness! :-)

I know you want a pair of fancy boots of your own! These are some of my favorites!!
1. Joules 'WellyPrint' Rain Boot here
2. Hunter 'Original Tall' Rain Boot (Military Red) here
3. Hunter 'Original' Contrast Rain Boot (Burgandy) here
4. The North Face 'Nuptse Purna' Boot (Dachshund Brown) here
5. Sorel 'Slimpback' Riding Boot (Shale) here and here
6. Posh Wellies 'Peacon' Quilted Tall Rain Boot (Black) here
7. Sperry Top-Sider for J. Crew Shearwater Buckle Boot (Black) here
8. Sorel 'Winter Fancy II' Lace up Boot (Elk/Grizzly Bear) here and here
9. Sperry Top-Sider 'Saltwater' Duck Boot (Black/Red Plaid) here
I hope you find a pair of all weather boots that tickle your fancy. I love all of them and am going to have  a tough time deciding which ones I want to purchase next! Do you have a favorite all weather boot?
Happy matching!

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