If One is Good, Two is Better, and Three is Fabulous!

It's been a while since my last post...the Christmas season has taken over!! :-)

Anyway, youu probably know where I'm going with this post...

Style Confession #5: When I am obsessed fall in love with something, I buy one in every color! It makes total sense. A MatchiN'ista needs a variety of colors and patterns to create the perfect outfit, right?!?

This quote sums it up perfectly! Because, after all...
All the MatchiN'istas out there know exactly what I'm talking about. 
Consider this scenario: You've got the perfect outfit; color coordinated from Head. To. ALMOST TOE. Why ALMOST?!? You don't have the right color flats for your outfit because you didn't buy them in every color! ARGH! Now you're stuck with a neutral...which looks great, but the MatchiN'ista in you is saying "ugh, if only I had those flats!"
I truly believe that if you love something you should let it go you should buy it in bulk, multiples, one in every color! I'm going to share some of my favorites with all of you!

These are the softest, most comfortable tees that I have ever owned! Who doesn't love to walk out of the house looking fabulous in a tee!?! They look adorable with a scarf, under a sweater, with a fancy necklace...they are what I like to call a matchiN'spiration piece.
Oh, but wait! It gets better...
The MatchiN'ista in you asks, "is there a matching tank to wear underneath?!?"
Here it is, the J. Crew Perfect Tank
Not into the round neck collar?
YES, there are matching tanks!!!!

I'm all about layering and this sweater looks great with a long-sleeve tee, tank, or a button-down underneath. Banana Republic offers this sweater in a variety of colors for each season! It is so soft and cozy, like lounging in your PJ's, sipping hot cocoa cozy!!!

 LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! these pants. At 29 + 365days (maybe add few days to that #) years old, I walk into a store like American Eagle Outfitters and think, "um...am I too old for these clothes?" Most of the time the answer to my inner critic's question is "yes, I'm too old to wear a crop top and a drapey sweater"....Until one day I came across these pants! They are the perfect fit AND they come in a variety of colors, lengths and sizes! I'm fortunate enough to be able to wear business casual to work, so these pants are a staple in my work wardrobe. Did I mention they come in different colors?!?
Another MatchiN'ista confession...when I find apparel that I love, I look for it season after season! There's nothing more frustrating than walking into a store and finding out that they discontinued your favorite pair of jeans, shirt, etc...!!! More reason to buy staple matchin'spiration pieces in multiples! :-) Each item you see here has been around for at least 3 seasons (or more) and fingers crossed, it will stay that way!!!
Have a fabulous Tuesday!!
Happy matching!

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