Hats make GREAT matchiN'spiration pieces! {style confession #8}

I'm back with my 8th style confession today! In case you missed it, I'm sharing my top 15 style confessions. Here's a re-cap of 1-7:

In case you didn't know it, I. LOVE. scarves! But, I've discovered a new love in matching my scarves with cute hats!! 

Style confession #8: Hats make GREAT matchiN'spiration pieces! 
If you live in the northeast, it's time to start breaking out the cold weather gear because we're finally getting SNOW (and I couldn't be more excited)! Woo hoo! Winter is one of my favorite seasons because I LOVE all things cozy. Especially a cute scarf and matching mittens! (You know I love a good scarf! MatchiN'ista confession: if one scarf is good, two is better, and three or more is fabulous!!) Lately I've discovered a new found love for hats to match my scarves and mittens because they make GREAT matchiN'spiration pieces! What's a matchiN'spiration piece you ask? Anything that inspires you to create a matchy-matchy color coordinated outfit from head to toe (nothing is too matchy-matchy for this matchiN'ista)! There are so many cute hat options in stores right now that are just too good to pass up! Like this one!

 Not to mention, the sales on winter accessories after Christmas are amazing! I've never been much of a hat person, but I'm obsessed in love with the bright red color and the "snow" logo of the hat pictured above, so you know what that means?!? ANYTHING I'm in love with finds a spot in my closet! MatchiN'ista philosophy: If you are obsessed in love with something, let it go buy it in multiples! Lucky for us, there are other choices for this hat that are adorable!!

And just for fun, I thought I would share one of my favorite hat and scarf combinations from last year.
I had so much fun wearing this duo and received so many compliments on it. Both the scarf and the hat came from Old Navy last year. If you're on the look-out for pink accessories and love fair isle like I do, check out this hat and matching scarf in heather grey.
 Have I convinced you to buy a cute hat and matching scarf yet?!? Let me try again..I said that I'm not much of a hat person, which some of you might agree with. I figure if I'm going to take time to style my hair, then why would I cover it up with a hat?!? However, if you live in the northeast like me, hats are a must!

Basically, there's two options:
1. Get hat head from a smile-worthy, absolutely adorable hat, that keeps you warm and cozy.
2. Skip the hat because "you're not a hat person" and have the northeast wind blown look from the cold, AND freeze when you walk outside.
SEE?!? You know what I'm talking about!
Besides, what's more fun than color coordinating a hat and scarf to your winter coat?!? If you're like me and you own quite the selection of coats (hey, it's all about having options) then you've got a matchiN'ista problem! My suggestion: pick your top three coats (or four or five, because a MatchiN'ista has to have choices. Lots. Of. Choices.), and find coordinating winter accessories! 
Like I said before, the deals on hats, scarves and gloves are just too good to pass up! So, if you're not a hat person, but you want to be warm, then NOW is the time to find at least one or two cuties to add to your collection!
Check out a few of my favorites below!

 J. Crew Factory geometric scarf here//J.Crew Factory beanie here//Gap "SNOW" hat here//
J. Crew pink beanie here//J. Crew navy plaid scarf here//J. Crew plaid scarf here

Happy matching!



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